Friday, January 26

i love my computer

I love my computer - and i have just loaded firefox it is sooo much better that safari. So now along with my blog i think i qualify as a geek - defiantly a knitting geek - it was when i showed someone all of my needles the other weekend i realised i was. I started with straights of these then moved quickly to circulars - then discovered turbos but that was still not enough now i have these. they will be available here very soon and for about as much as i paid.
Santa gave me knit picks for Xmas - via the fantastic Amy from my Thursday night knitting group- she organised to buy and send them to the boyfriend of a work colleague of hers who was coming to Australia for NYE. All because they don't mail stuff here how excited was I to get them the week after Xmas - but now i want more....

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