Sunday, January 14

On the road again

This weekend has been a travelling festival - I flew from the coast of gold to Sydney on Friday night - then train to emu plains on Saturday morning to present a craft segment for the regional art gallery here. Part of the Yours mine & ours exhibition there at the moment - (still trying to figure out how to do those link things- no longer)- I got about 100 kids and adults to make a hat/ lizard and then a frog and lily pad out of paper - was lots of fun. Then George and I braved spotlight with the kids - that was not quite as fun but mission was accomplished pants and top material bought and the kids played in the fur fabric - Aurelia managed to disappear in the fur fabric for a while.
Then back up the mountains to Linden for more craft Will and I made a dragon and Aurelia and I made a rock pool along with a person and a dog - pictures to follow. I am now heading back into the city on the train before flying back up to the gold coast today then off to south golden beach for drinks on the balcony. Then back to work tomorrow for the tiger induction- that is going to be fun- not

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