Thursday, January 11

one a day otherwise consult an expert

I am going to try and write at least one post a day - but not weekends as no internet access- Started new year trying to run thing this week did really well until the killer cramp that woke me up last night at 3am!!! That on top of time muddle the day before - thought it was a time it wasn't when I set my alarm and woke up at 4.30am - those silly farmers in Queensland who insist on daylight saving means my whole body clock is out- and the sun rises here at 5am. It is wrong wrong wrong. But great to get up early and go for a walk or a run which I have been doing along with everyone else along the broadwater here on the coast of gold. Anyway...... the killer cramp is still a bit there my leg froze arg. It is comming good now.

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