Sunday, February 25


This is my latest sock project. It is the same colour as the last pair - but I think these will fit better.
Still not sure what Thuja is for, in a homeopathic sense, although I was perscribed it by my homeopath.
I think it fitting that the socks are green.
I was offered pancakes this morning - but couldn't get there in time, damn. I had to settle for episode 3-8 of series 3 Deadwood instead. And then whiled away the time watching Mr Bean in another guise.


Carson said...

You're blogging!
Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you-a tad frantic at the mo.
One of these days I'm going to get along to SSK tho!
Oh and by the way I'm knitting a pair of socks at the moment too and they look waaay too big too, even on my paddle feet! Oh well.

Kate said...

I am envious of your leisurely hours. Deadwood - season 3 - Is it out on DVD yet? I heard they cancelled it - damn shame and more.