Wednesday, March 21

A few of my favorite things SP10

I am a knitting addict

Even with my special visitor here on the weekend I managed to knit and talk too much about knitting. I have even maybe converted a few of his friends.

I had to write out the instructions for my cable cardi and Jo sharp has written it in the most confusing manner. Is it me or does every pattern seem odd until you "get" it. I don't get this way about charted lace - anymore, as I get the charts and understand that it is going to take me a bit to understand the pattern - but never do I have to wrap my head around the means of communication - the graph. Maybe because I am knitting it in one piece fronts and back together it is harder.

Anyway I have decided that my left thumb is one of my favorite knitting tools - as it is an intergral but unthanked part of my knitting process. Circular needles - addi turbos wish I had more- will suggest sizes later, and my very old school row counters - photo to come, these

are the bomb

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