Saturday, March 24

note to self

Removing political posters from telegraph poles is great fun

don't attempt this when wine is involved

jumping on said poster is also ok especially if it is the local liberal candidate- shame it wasn't the federal election and I wasn't out in the seat of Bennalong- must put that on the list to do for later this year

all of this is really fun as long as you don't fall over and bruise your elbow and scrap your hand and wake up in the morning wondering what you did last night........


N said...

I would be very pleased if that's all I did the night before that I couldn't quite remember :)

Miss Helen said...

But Miss Fee, half the fun of the world is waking up with scratches and wondering what you did!
As long as it doesn't happen too often, of course.
I woke up with knee scratches for trying to climb over a fence with boys. Ahhh, boys.