Tuesday, March 13


I went back to yoga last night after a few months off - and ouch
It is that mind body thing where your mind remembers you can do things and your body can't quite cut it and I wasn't quite up to Parr.

So ouch today and a bit grumpy as yoga cut into my knitting time. How silly is that when yoga helps my knitting.
I am just grumpy today it is raining and I want to be at home knitting and watching TV.

And for it to be Thursday already.

As I am a half glass full sort of girl I must note that although my favorite yoga teacher has left the school, I think that I am going to be happy with the replacement teacher - she is pretty cool too and makes me think beyond the actual pose - and we did some breathing stuff at the end - very cool.

And at least I didn't have to deal with "the treadmill is not quite off" as poor I don't like chocolate experienced yesterday

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N said...

Exactly - at least you didn't have to collect your dignity from the floor of the gym. I'm going back to yoga as well this week - I think I'm safer there. However I can never be quite so sure...