Friday, March 9

Political moi? mais non

Oh no not really, I do not hang to the left or wear green.......

I didn't date a wilderness society/ Greenpeace dude, it wasn't me, for how long?

It wasn't me who cried at the last election.

That wasn't me in marching in the mardi gras a few years ago in the Tampa float, with all of my ACTU CPSU friends in the customised orange tshirt.

But I wish that this dude, with the silver tongue, was still the prime minister and not that evil poison dwarf with hairy slugs on his face - no really I don't like him REALLY NOT AT ALL

and this is but a taste from our previous Prime Minister

"For Mr Howard to get to the high moral ground, he would first need to climb out of the volcanic hole he had dug for himself over the last decade. It is like one of those diamond mine holes in South Africa. They are about a mile underground. He would have to come a mile up to get to even equilibrium let alone have any contest in morality with Kevin Rudd."


Grandma Flea said...

Go for it, Missy Fee. I love that man (the one with the silver tongue) - the most visionary pollie of our time.

N said...

I can't tell you how giddy I was after watching dear Paul on the late news earlier this week. I want to marry a man just. like. him. Really.

Kate said...

I heard him on the radio talking about Costello as "all tip and no iceberg" and the poison dwarf as "the dessciated coconut" and I thought "come back Paul - all is forgiven" We need someone who tells it straight and mean instead of pussyfooting around.