Wednesday, March 28

some things about me

I can't imagine doing 100 like gorgeous Amy did

I could manage some so here goes

1. I am a knitting addict - wool, needles, books, magazines.......

2. Currently it's socks

3. I hate most fruit- except real apples, figs, dates and mangoes

4. I love crime novels

5. I hate horror films

6. I am a secret lover of fashion - I know way too much

7. I have a new addiction to organic donuts form the Byron region

8. I love natural fibres - to knit and to wear and I hate acrylic

9. I love magazines - my first job was in a newsagents so the addiction began

10. I make the best scrambled eggs and Xmas pudding with brandy butter

11. I am great with colour

12. I love to solve problems and pack trucks and cars

13. I can read maps and plans

14. I am a hoarder, a chucker and can be over organised for a nano second

15. I have 2 sisters and we refer to ourselves and #1, #2 and #3.

16. I love the natural confectionery dinosaurs

17. I was a member of the official star wars fan club back in 1978

18. I loved the original Battle star Galacattica

19. I hate ghost stories and movies

20. I love original art

21. I wish I could be a print maker

22. I nearly was a cellist - played for 10 years

23. I turned 16 in London whilst touring with the Canberra Youth Orchestra sitting in the last desk of the cellos

24. I studied Architecture - only 3 years

25. My first built design was made from cardboard - a set for the local youth theatre

I have run out of steam......

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