Thursday, March 1

spew forth o contents of my life

I finally have arranged to get my bedroom carpeted - over a year late.

I found the carpet, booked and arranged the carpet layer and came home early to empty my room - see photo of the contents of my bedroom in the lounge room.

And I found a trail of eaten something on the wall in the corner and mould on one of the walls.
I need carpet in my room as the whole flat was stripped and damp proofed last Xmas - I moved out for 3 months. So there should BE NO MOULD AT ALL!!!!!!!!
I rang strata, cancelled the carpet for tomorrow, the pest guy is on his way and the damp dude should drop by tomorrow.


The mess, the hassle, the disappointment and I am going to be late for knitting!!!!!


M-H said...

OMG! Late for knitting? Quelle Horreur! Seriously, I hope you can get this all straightened out with minimum fuss.

Anonymous said...

It's just one thing STRATA after another with your flat my dear (ok bad bad pun). Hope you made it to knitting!! x nat