Saturday, April 14

Loose threads

After a great day of knitting yesterday first inner city group of the guild

Then a quick look at some alternate locations for the meeting and then a moment to lead another knitter astray.

After the great SSK
What a great bunch of knitters - really inspiring and yummy sardines for lunch.

Then a visit to some dear friends and their renovation, and then dinner at Turkish restaurant in Marrickville.

Great day in all and here for those of you I saw yesterday are the links I discussed.

Books books books

Graph paper to your tension

Next item I am going to knit the Frost Jacket from Knitting Nature, currently swatching it up in Jo Sharp Aran Tweed seams to be a good match.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day!

Did the package I ordered for you arrive yet?


M-H said...

Sandra and I would like to thank you for the book depository link, and cordially invite you to share the credit card debt that resulted from clicking on it. Free postage from the UK?!?