Saturday, April 28

Martini Hunt- sucessful

I am not addicted to much really.

OK yarn, martini's and great food

Had the best day yesterday

Bought lots of yarn - found some chocolate Zara for another Cardie as well as the Kid Sidar for the one mentioned in the previous post.

Then I met the sock victim at the Gym and I ran and walked throught the second week, second session of my 0-25km program. Wow did that feel great or what.

Next was an Art exhibition in Mullimbimby - mmmm the least said the better.
Then Margaritas at this really cool bar

- followed by pizza where our table of 5 became 11 and much fun was had by all. The best pizza, the best wine and fantastic company.

Home to the new cocktail shaker and the best gin martinis. And my head really didn't hurt this morning....

Hangover was helped by poached eggs and ham, after a walk on the beach and followed by more food shopping at the Bangalow produce market.

Phew knitting sock time.....

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