Wednesday, April 25

on the road again .... to knitting

That is a red or should I say green herring

I started knitting the tank top out of Classic thank god for this site suggested by this blogger/ knitter. I would be in the knitting poop.

Any way did the tension square with two strands of Naturally Alpine, didn't get gauge so went to three strands. Knitted the back which was way too thick and heavy.

Then after a trip to big commercial store last weekend I bought Grace- some yarn I would normally snub my nose at - but in its favour is that it is 80/20 wool/nylon and it will not boil me to death in the mild Sydney winter.

It is very pink

I am back up north visiting the sock victim - time off the vintage socks for the day to knit my vest. And no I am not staying in the caravan park but near there.

I am cooking baked home made ricotta gnocchi- thanks Donna Hay - the diet starts after the visit.

I did run at the gym yesterday and will go whilst up here.

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