Monday, April 2


Dear knitting fairy - it is not fair

I was knitting this great cardie in grey.

Cast on, in one piece, front and two fronts. Knitted up the 6cm of ribbing and started the cable. Wondered why my enthusiasm wained. Sister #2 this weekend pointed out that the cardie wasn't really me and i would not wear it.

OK frogged back to ribbing and decided to knit plain cardie. Knitted about 3cm last night and went to bed with really stuffed nose.

Bugger I am allergic to the wool. This happened once before with angora - but this is a silk, wool and alpaca mix.

Does anyone want to buy 6 unused and 1 frogged ball of Jo Sharp Alpaca silk Georgette in Pebble #751? :(

Happy to make an exchange for equivalent wool - i still want to knit myself a cardie


diane_s said...

i would love to have your wool but it doesn't feel right to profit from your allergy. so i will only take it if you can give me something that you would like in exchange.

Bex said...

Hey Miss Fee - I found this!!!! One skein Lorna Laces sock pattern -


Bex said...

I got your msg - i would but being a fatty boombah, 7 balls isnt enough to make anything for me :(...

are you just allergic to the angora, or is it wool too??

Anonymous said...

It's a shame Miss Fee, in the new jo sharp knit book, there are some beautiful long socks with a eyelet detail up the back and cute trim in Pebble. I would kill for them, but my calves are too chunky. If you sneeze on knitting then wearing will be just as bad. I've lost your new email address, send me a quickie and I'll pop it in my box. I can't wear my jeans anymore, my bump is getting so big!! Hope easter was GREAT!!! Love Beth