Sunday, May 6

Sugar Rush

My youngest best friend turned three last week and today was her birthday party

Her Mum and I made this sugar treat last night- inside the skirt is a chocolate cake with custard filling - at least 8 layers
Although Grace just wanted to rescue Barbie from the cake - she nearly did before the party this morning!!!!

These butterfly cakes brought oohs and ahas from quite a few of the guests, it brought back memories of my own youth - and we made these from scratch - I was a bit of an housewife in training in my youth - see lemon butter below

Not such a great start to my first week back at WW - but at least it curbed by spoon licking tendencies.

And now I am suffering a sugar hangover - or was it the champagne.......

Grace loved the fairy bread and ate about 4 whole slices before the party and I perfected making it - butter the bread first, cut off the crusts close to the edge to maintain some stability, and then press into a plate of 100's and 1000's. Perfect!

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