Sunday, June 17

Aunty me

Up in the mountains getting my family fix.

Nothing like waking up with a matchbox car digging into your back.
And cuddles from niece and nephew.

Breakfast is made in the most particular way - this much this long and these utensils - I wonder if that's were I got it from.

Sister #2, niece and I went along to the blue mountains guild meeting yesterday.
Caught up with Kate and had another David sighting - knitting his cabled jumper.

This group is a bit older than the inner city group -larger and a bit more structured - I particularly loved the show and tell at the end "Hi my name is Missyfee and I am a knitting addict, it's been only 1 hour since my last SEX - stash enriching experience......." Socks seem to be a common addicts theme there too. I am not alone - I am getting sock withdrawal at the moment.

Started Cardie for Aurelia - see side bar.
Got gauge with the wool - and nearly finished the first ball.

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