Tuesday, June 12

the best sock block

Socks on holidays

Gentleman's sock in Railway stitch
Knitting Vintage socks by Nancy Bush
Town and country main colour
Ruby and Lana 3ply for contrast
2.5mm addi turbos 40cm and knitpicks 60cm circulars
knitted two at once - no second sock syndrome for me

and now for my next pair........


Carson said...

cool socks!
like the new banner

Grandma Flea said...

Missy Fee, you've turned into a sock guru, so Missy Sock Guru, pray tell: how do you join the yarn when you're doing stripes, without leaving uncomfortable bumps for the Sock Victim. Also, how do you carry the yarn from one stripe to the next? This is a complete mystery to me. I look forward to a tutorial in your next post - I don't want much, do I?