Saturday, June 30

Damage done

Went to the craft fair

sat, talked and knitted all morn

Couldn't help myself

to a book and alpaca shorn

socks were al la de jour

and my head is swimming now

all that knitting to do

trying to convince all to join us too - at the inner knitting city guild thing group

also saw Grandma Flea in the flesh - what a treat


Charisse said...

is that jitterbug sock yarn I see before me? I love that stuff!

Bex said...

Oh we so have the same taste in sock yarn.... ;)

Carson said...

you got to meet Grandma Flea! lucky you :)
And I see you scored some of the lang jawoll sock yarn from the yarns galore booth? I was soo tempted by that bargain I spent a long time considering, but I just couldn't get into any of the available colours and realised a) I already have too much knitting to get through already without adding to it, b) my 'defacto MIL'aka MaGoat was being bored to death waiting for me to decide, and c)I'd be buying it just for a totally gratuitous bargain, but at least now I can enjoy it vicariously!