Tuesday, June 5

dead firewire

my faithful ibook G3 is on the way out
The fire wire died on Saturday - the sock victim ran tests and even spoke to another expert but to no avail.
The sad news is that I cannot use my external hard drive or load my ipod with podcasts. These are the two things I do the most apart from emails and blog posts.
The other sad bit is that I am now going to have to get a new computer. :(
I love my ibook we have had so much fun together.
On the bright side the new macbook has just been released and I go from no memory to heaps.
but I still need quite a few sleeps on it before taking the plunge.


N said...

It is a good day when you need to buy a new macbook. I'm waiting impatiently for that day to come for me :)

missfee said...

the new ones just came out and they rock

M-H said...

Mine rocks!!! Look at my blog - Apple store in Tokyo. Maybe you could pop over there to buy it? :)