Saturday, June 2

New Delights - vegetarians beware

OK if you don't eat or like the consumption of meat stop reading now......

I have found a new love in life - the humble butcher.

My local butcher procure rabbit at Easter, calves liver and the best veal and pork mince for lasagna - made so well by the sock victim.

This morning I went to the butchers at Byron bay - I have found in my new shopping adventures that they butchers on the whole are friendly and so happy to entice another meat lover into the fold. Unless you ask a lamb butcher for osso bucco - a beef product. I myself have embraced more meat into my diet for two reasons - trying to eat less processed food and the sock victim is very allergic to fish and anything fishy related. So I have been making stock from scratch and lots of slow cooked meat dishes - a crock pot is on the shopping list for this winter.

I had bought meat sporadically from the supermarket over the years and was always disappointed at the quality a fact which has been highlighted when the other week I bought quite a selection from my local butcher - at St Margret's, and it tasted amazing. Lamb, beef, chicken and bacon all cooked up a treat - I froze most of it and defrosted and ate it over a few weeks. Yum Yum I am now a convert.

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Bex said...

Theres a butcher in Leichhardt that does Kobe Beef - that really expensive Japanese stuff.... its supposed to be quite good (wouldnt know hehe)