Wednesday, June 6

What makes you eat more

Kris posted today about what the world eats.

I found this photo essay on what makes you eat more, on the same website.

Food once again is at the forefront of my mind as I seriously committed last week to WW and the core program.

I am going with someone else and making a commitment to attend weekly meetings this time. The other week I made some half hearted effort to go - picking a time that wasn't suitable- I am much better when going with someone else. I reach goal weight last year but as I blogged before due to health reasons I am meant to be 6 kilos lighter than I am. So with heavy heart- it is such an effort, I have started again. I am up north looking after the sock victim so we have been discussing the various aspects of food and my relationship with it - and it is really informative to me to have someone to talk to about it. Someone who can see up close what I do - because it is really easy to trick yourself into thinking you are doing one thing and another thing to have someone point out you are not. I am not used to talking about "stuff", like this so up close and personal.

I have to say that walking on the beach each day has been a particular highlight - and buying such great fresh produce everyday. Makes my fresh start so much more enjoyable.

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