Sunday, July 8

progress made

In amongst all of the celebrations weekend and the sock victim running the gauntlet of my friends and family my central park hoodie is making great progress.

Friday was dinner at Dov - now in the about 15th year of tradition - missed one year when they moved. Great time, great to see friends and as usual I have the fab shanks again tradition is tradition.

Saturday the orange grove markets, AC butcher and then the yummiest dinner.

Dinner today was cooked in my new slow cooker - yum yum and the first time I have eaten quinces - apart from quince paste

The fourth series of the wire has also aided the knitting progress.

And my new computer is well and truly pimped - photos to follow......

and I have signed up to do SP11

all in all a great time had by missfee and the sock victim - apart from the trip to the airport:(


M-H said...

We were at OG markets too - didn't see you there!

Bex said...

Doh - i'll be in India for half of SP11.. so i better not sign up then!