Tuesday, July 10

What I did today honey.....

That's my dog coat design - especially for the starter knitter whatever age.

We shot a MIY segment for the highest rating kids show in Australia with the gorgeous Kelcie and Stuart's house with Angus the dog and their three fantastic knitter kids Keziah, Liam and Mckenzie. (sorry for mispelling)

Socks I now want to knit inspired by Kelcie today.

Sadly I have to add cute puppy dogs with long hair to the allergy list - I am suffering like I was knitting with Alpaca at the moment :(

p.s. Adam is a real gem what a winner with the kids and such a pro!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Fee,
Thanks for coming to visit at our house yesterday. It was fantastic! Keziah, Liam and Mckenzie had a ball. Adam is so great (and you were good too - Mckenzie whispered to add). We hope you can visit again soon. Sorry about the dog hair reaction, Stu seems to have one too! Great news... they are pouring the last part of the driveway as I type. Hooray! Ciao Kelcie et al...