Thursday, August 30


I am so beyond just a knitter

I am so obsessed

I realised as I stumbled around the forums on Ravelry on the weekend that my subscription to interweave had lapsed. It was a present last year from my sister and she thought that the renewal was for 2 years but sadly it was for only one.

So I rang the local book chain store in the city, and after some family time with the niece and nephew, raced in and bought my copy.

If I wasn't so into my fitted knit this would of been cast on.

After lamenting about the lack of cardie inspiration a while back I am so totally into these 2 projects.

I have some felted tweed from a very old frogged cardie - it looked really bad on me, a friend and other various acquaintances whom I tried to pass it onto. So I frogged it. So now I need to get some more wool and somehow blend the two together.

The thought is to knit the ribbing in one lot and the body in the other. If I can kind of match the colour.

And then there is my sock obsession and the hankering to knit some lace.....

OMG and I might even meet this knitting legend tonight at our local S'n'B. Just had word she may be dropping by.

And more exciting is I can now go to knitting camp.
First my constant flying had put a dampener on funds, and then I had a possible project that was bumping in that very weekend - it has been put on hold for the moment. So I can go to camp. It feels like - now you can go to the ball. Were are my sparkly shoes....


M-H said...

Where's the camp? Why wasn't I told?

Bex said...

LOL - i love that cardi too!!!