Wednesday, August 22

What I did - the longer version

Flew down south last week for a wedding

Friday night dinner was amazing
Although we arrived shortly after 7pm we had to wait drink and eat entrees for one and a half hours at the back bar - no bad to wait for yummy veal shanks beetroot and radicchio

Cake for desert were purchased but became Sunday morning breakfast.

Apart from my migraine on Saturday morning - which limited me to damn soda water at the wedding - the weekend was very food orientated.

Polish sausage, chicken gibblets and poppy seed cake, lamb and lemon delicious. It was a wonder I could fit in the plane seat on the way back!!!

Monday was the real treat - the wool museum.

The sock machine.

But no wool!!!!!!!

The sock machine - we had a one on one tour of the museum so fantastic

socks for Ziggy - at 7 weeks he is just fitting into these

Socks for the victim and socks for his nephew!!!!

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