Friday, September 7


Thanks Nigella - the old fashioned chocolate cake - minus the sugared violets

And for all of you that thought I was joking.....

The Sydney godmother of knitting was picked out of a hat this morning by the sock victim. M-H and Sandra braved the Apec traffic to collect the said item - along with a cup of tea.

And it has been proved yet again that the sock victim is an actual person.

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Laura Higgins said...

Your mother (whilst telling me about your fantastic work on display at CMAG?) told me that you were a blogger and crazily enough I had already checked out your site whilst looking for a new project. Anyway, just checking in to view your latest knitting materpiece and I find it all very strange (though perhaps not as as strange as you would) to be looking at photos of your lounge room and you not know it? So I am reporting in. Nice cake. Looks yummy.