Tuesday, October 2

but wait there is more

look who we found at the trains station and dragged to camp with us Keziah - the youngest and Kelcie her talented mum

we found these guys at Hamilton and they wouldn't leave us alone- thank goodness cause they were great fun!!!!
that is l-r Kelcie, Kris, Keziah, Caroline the wicked and Robyn

one year at band camp - no wait that is knitting camp - Kris and Clare put a ball together

Katherine and Veronica drank a bit - no they knitted a bit at party central room M16

that ball will one day be wound....

Kris and Clare kept winding that ball

Kris swatted in the fairisle class

Katherine sat on the other side of me and swatted in fairisle class- no it was too early she isn't drunk......yet

and here we are on the way home - see we couldn't shake them and actually accumulated a few more knitters

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