Saturday, October 27

i am back


packed the sock victim up
packed the removalist's truck
pack the car and drove down

stopped at Coffs for the night in a Santa Fe style BnB - very funny
very bad steak at the local tavern - with no beer signage outside which made it tricky to find

Back to a surprisingly busy week at the craft room?!?!!?

Finally came up with an idea for Halloween tonight - so off now to frantically make it before 6 pm

We had the best dinner of liver last night - reminded me of the lamb's fry and bacon my Nonna used to make - but heaps better - not at all tough and tricky to bite very delicious. Followed by unpronounceable dessert from the local Greek pastry shop.

Breakfast this morning was blueberry pancakes with bacon. I so have to start back on WW- I am up a dress size not a great start for summer.

Moving into our new flat next Friday - and I am so happy to have my sock victim around full time.

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N said...

co-habitating is fun! yay!
I'm driving down to Syders on friday to work for the next 6 weeks with Southern S.. Lets catch up!