Thursday, October 11

knitting knitting

knitting the secret socks...

Trying to sell these for miss jane

getting ready for a really big change - I am scared and excited at the same time, but excited more.

locked out of the liquor cupboard - must be saved for cakes

trying to think of a kick arse costume for Kris' party.....

year before last we were face peel victims....

Had a great one for 3 peoples but now there are 4 of us. Miss Jane and I now have beards......or is that handbag or sock blocks.

And last but not at all least

and thinking very positive thoughts for my dear friend Sal who is not well at all - and if you got that email from me we are looking for a space to auction off her amazing vintage collection here in Sydney..... I will let you know when it is on cause it will be amazing.

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Bex said...

LMAO about Jane's mags!