Sunday, November 4

stash relocation

I am not the only person moving this weekend it seems....

Good luck Kris and Snook.

I moved the sock victim down two weeks ago and on Friday I made the huge move of 10 meters across the courtyard. My neighbour has gone overseas for at least six months and offered it to us. I then found someone for my flat - all within 24 hours would you believe! So from one to two bedrooms we go.

That was the easy bit then came the packing , cleaning and moving bit. Those three words do not at all express how hard the process really is. I am such a home body and a bit of a control freak so chaos on this scale does my head in. Ok I do this for work but when it is someone else's stuff and for a set it is so different. I am not emotionally attached to those books, photos and bags of wool. My biggest hurdle was the first box, this signifies something bigger than just a 10 meter distance beyond the tree in the courtyard. I am moving from my first home by myself and becoming a couple and sharing everything with someone else. Including all my fears, anxieties and quirks that I didn't realise I have until I had to share them with someone else. Don't get me wrong I am so excited and happy to do this but it is such a big change for me in so many ways.

So much so that I have had one of my classic stress migraines today and last night :(

But the sock victim has taken such good care of me - food and flowers and all the support I could possibly need.

And the spinning which I was doing at 11pm last night just a moment for me in the chaos.

We are here now and tomorrow all the other boxes arrive from up north - hopefully next weekend we can finish unpacking and get on with all the fun bits.........

knitting and spinning and settling in the stash........

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Carson said...

I know how profoundly stressful moving is, you have my sympathies!