Thursday, January 3

2008 year of the ........

REsoloved yesterday not to do this
as I read everyones resolutions I got more and more into a funk about the things I didn't do last year.

being a bit 1/2 glass empty so I started to think of the glass the other way - it all gets a bit pollyanna at this point

What i did in 2007
*found a sock victim
*started a blog
*designed my first theatre show in ages
*travelled way too much
*found the best assistant ever
*nearly got a full time job- got a 1 year contract at the higher rate instead
*contemplated a move interstate
*knitted lots of socks
*learnt to spin
*went to knitting camp
*moved house and threw out heaps of stuff - stash is on the list next
*dabbled with dying
*baked again

Aims for 2008
*loose the gains from baking
*knits more socks
*knit lace
*finish my level 2 certificate - actually start it beyond planning stage
*spin some more
*drink less coffee
*find a yoga school and start again - had this year off and really miss it - become a yogurt
*continue being with my new best friend ever - and knit him heaps and heaps of socks - and perhaps even measure him up for a jumper - well think about it at least..............

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