Thursday, January 31

the great loss of 2008

I have been quiet up til now - as I didn't want to jinx this in any way.

About three and a bit weeks ago I bit the bullet - for the sixth time, but who is counting. I joined up online this time. Two and half kilos down - quite a few to go. I am quite proud to say that I was only just over my last goal weight from 2 years ago.

And I have been seriously on the C25K program - now onto my 5th week - aided by the fatastic podcasts. Seriously I never thought I would be able to run for 5 minutes straight and hopefully by Sunday I will have achieved 20 minutes.

I have been egged on by a new toy - and joined the Sydney knitters running challenge. I am even considering runing in the city to surf later this year, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Thanks to Kris and N for all their support and inspirational blogs

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miss N said...

Yay Fee!!! I so need to get that toy as well! I'm redoing C25k now in a hilly part of town - hard but worth it! You are now inspiring me!