Monday, February 18

Beyond Basics


I think this is getting serious -

quite a few pairs of socks have been knitted and there is no visible flinching at the mention of jewellery

So I need your help - do I ignore the sweater curse or continue with the socks or just cheat and knit the Sock victim a vest?

What should I knit for the sock victim?Online Casino
more socks?
a vest?
a sweater?

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Kris said...

More socks! Don't give in!

I just looked it up, and the Snook didn't get a jumper until we were past our THIRD ANNIVERSARY. And by that time, I'd migrated to Australia as a defacto so in the eyes of the government we were married already. You need some sort of a firm commitment of coupledom. In lieu of jewelry, I propose the following options:

- a tattoo of your name
- joint ownership of a (hypoallergenic) cat
- some sort of embarrassingly public declaration of love


spiraling said...

I think curses are silly, if you want to make him a sweater, go for it, do it now so he can wear it in winter.

It's not going to make him fall out of love with you, the only reason I wouldn't make one for pants is that it would take me FOREVER (he's cuddly) and he would have his cranky pants on everytime I knit a single stitch on anything else until I'd finish.

Mine would love it, though, even if it came out all wonky and bearly wearable.