Saturday, February 23

it's the small things part 2

that make a big difference.
A week ago Sock victim muttered something about a remote from the couch as he was buried in computer world lounging on the couch.
We have just upgraded our speakers, after one blew out, and also purchased a new amp. This in itself is a vast improvement in our lives as we both love listening to music and sourcing the right speakers for out particular taste, ok basically all music except heavy metal and hard core country - S.V. might debate this one though. We ended towards English speakers with softer sound but much more clarity up and down the range- I am not a full blown sound geek working on it -so forgive the non tech explanation.

Ok back to the task at hand,

the couch, and mutterings - remote can I buy a remote - OK I muttered back from behind my knitting over the din of the knitting needles clattering at speed.

Mid last week this button stick arrived, and it was a bargain.

And once a bit of fiddling had occurred my life has changed. We had 6 remotes and now just one. No more button pushing trying to get the right output on the amp. one button to push to do 6 different set ups. WOW is all I can say

The remote and the cordless headphones are the two best new bits of technology introduced into my life that have made such a difference.....

I am not going to even start on knitting related items or the blood pressure monitor that also hooks up to my computer winging its way to me as we speak........
oh how I love a fellow geek.

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