Wednesday, March 19

bad blogger

I am not very good at the moment.

I think I have fallen into hole that most knitting blogs I have read go through.

One half is Ravelry and the other life.

Anyway I have finished a few things recently - a February Jacket by EZ - in March no less, My bag for the bag sway over on Raverly, and a little amiguruimi purse to go with it - photos I know photos.

Anyway I have been running twice a week - 7.3kms, well technically it is a walk run thing but it wipes me out something bad. Today I went to work and just after lunch had to come home and nap. And i have booked into the Oseto to sort out my back which is moving a bit and tightening up in odd places,mmmm. But the odd thing is that I am not losing any weight!!!!! Not sure if I am making muscles or what. I feel great just after the run and then crap later in the day..... that is on the second run of the week. Anyway contemplating either a 1/2 marathon and/or the Mother's day 8km run - we will see.....

Now trying to get my knitting mojo back - do I tackle the level two certificate with gusto, another jumper for me, socks or a cute scarf? Hell why not cast them all on.....

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Bex said...

Cast em all on! *enable enable enable*