Tuesday, March 25


Thanks to everyone for the congrats and especially JulieB whose advice on eloping we have already taken - it is all very secret but plans are afoot....

the melbourne roundup....

We flew down Friday arvo - with snacks and lunch courtesy of the Bourke St Bakery.

Then we jumped into the hire car and drove past some cows with horn things a paddock of kangaroos and made it to Healsville in time for dinner, were we ate yummy lamb and drank way too much red wine.  

On Saturday morning we meandered down to the market were I saw the spinners and weavers on the train station platform and where one of the guild members suggested, in order, that I try spinning - yup did that, dying -yup that too, knitting- yes see the cardie I'm wearing and felting- mm that too, then to which I replied there wasn't enough time in the day - you should retire was the next suggestion - working on it I am.
Then off to the Red Shed for late lunch, cake and sampling wines that we could take with us to dinner.  We settled on the Medhurst Pinot Noir for Big Kev and the spicy lamb meatballs that were so delicious - although this we did not know until we arrived at our dinner date.

We drove right past Sunspun at 4.45pm and just made it in time to buy a book on men's sweaters......heheheh

Then we hugged a tree or two after a drive up the BLACK SPUR dah daa - cue scary music - not scary though just a cute drive through tall trees and ferns.
Drove down to Melbourne and dropped our stuff off at the parental units house then headed over to the cool part of town for dinner.
Dinner was with old mates in St Kilda drank the pinot ate the meatballs and some very yummy pear tart.  Yarns, the talking type, catch ups and a glass tea pot to take home - cool.

Sunday morning I did a run (and walk and chat) with two of my soon to be sisters in law - sounds all so grown up.  Then I cooked all of Sock victim's siblings pancakes - and his nephew and brother- in-law.  MMMM blueberry pancakes with bacon and maple syrup and icecream.  Are you getting the idea yet - it is all about the food.

Then more friends, more dinner - bloody yummy roast lamb and more sleep, but less drinking we were starting to learn how to pace ourselves.

Monday which was too exciting for me I got to meet Denise whom I have met over the internet.  I bought a Alice Starmore book from her on eBay and we just started emailing each other and sending parcels.  It was fab to meet her in real life and it took ages before we even talked about knitting!!!!  Top chick indeed and I hope to catch up with her again soon.  We meet at the most Melbourne of institutions Brunetti's.

Then more eating and some drum playing wonders - Eva is just 2!!!!

More dinners this time t-bone at 



Today has been recovery day - we tried to shop but very quickly ran out of steam and ended up back in Yarraville on the couch eating small goods....
And I bought more snacks from here for the plane back. OMG yum double yum

And now home yippee my first trip with the S.V.as a betrothed.  We are now home on our computers talked, eaten and drunk out.......

back to work tomorrow :(


Anonymous said...

FiFi! Such good news...and to think back to where it all began!!! COngrats and all our love. J & C xx

Emily said...

I want to go to Melbourne. for the food and the wine, though the engagement looks fun!

Miss N said...

Ok - I missed something somewhere... details!!!!!!!!!