Friday, April 25

i iz sooo sickes


head sore

periods pain for icing on top

I had battled through the last frew days getting the final touches on a new show at work - I watch the pilot with sock victim and we were amazed and enthralled. That means as he cooked me dinner I had to keep rewinding so he could hear all the bits. We are shooting first ep next week.
A few things will hopefully fall into place by then - better bloody fall into place, otherwise.... i am not thinking about otherwise.

After crap night sleep on thursday I dragged my sorry butt to work and ploughed through the day - got sign offs and smiles - phew. Think 5 bosses with varing opinions.......and too much else going on at the same time, for them.

I collapsed at home at about 6pm, couldn't move off the couch - S.V. made yummiest dinner. After finding me a pigs tongue - he is the best - think that beer ad mmmmm.
He then went in search of desert - and low and behold the joy of living so close to Oxford St did work to our advantage for once.
Any way got to go and make cup cakes now.

BTW pooh bum etc - went to check tension on vest for S.V. last night - progress real real slow due to hand thing, and I cast on 100 stitches two few!!!!!!!!!!!

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M-H said...

Looking forward to Gruen thing. Especially now we know you have a hand in it, even 9f it is a sore hand.

Feel better soon, chickie.