Wednesday, April 2

more not so great stuff

two views of my new hand jewellery

I went to a hand physio today - there are very cool dudes who just do hands

I had this sore lump just where the finger and the hand meet - and worried that knitting was making it worse. So the sock victim asked his knee dude for a hand dude so there I went.

Best case is that I wear this art for two weeks - knit in shorter bursts and definitely no spinning.
Next not so good case is an injection , then if no better they cut me open ARG.

will keep you posted.

see what happens as you get older - bits start falling off - i want to trade in for a newer model!!!!

1 comment:

Emily said...

But you're young!

How crappy this is for you. You'll have to stick to planning and queuing and Ravelry haunting...