Tuesday, May 20

Argy bargy general meeting

It's that time of year again - the AGM for our strata block of flats..

I am not looking forward to it at all..

Although any particular political party may be quite impressed with my ability to branch stack rally the troups.

We have been dragged throught the C.T.T.T. at least 5 times last year - won every time. I have a notice to at least 3 owners that their
tirades of crap letters should be directed to my solicitor.

But through this we have achieved a major renovating mircale transforming our building back to it's former glory and the ability to last another 100 years.

So here I am counting units of entitlement and calculating the margins of defeat against the
evil minority of idiots few owners who do not have the other owners or the buildings best interest at heart.

These few have distorted the truth and exhausted most of us so it is a huge effort to inspire the majority of owners to take some interest and sign a bit of paper so we can move forward with sense in the coming year.

no wonder my blood pressure plays up so much that along with Humpty's hissy fits over playing second fiddle to Little Ted and the smaller dressing room to Jemima - well you can only imagine.....
Wish me luck

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Bex said...

I always thought Humpty ws a bit of a drama queen.... good luck with the strata stuff!