Tuesday, May 13

mew mew

is the sound under the Sopranos last night - entrenched in series 4

mew mew

I went and let the little fella in, at this stage was referred to as a she.

He wandered around - chatting heaps looking for something

I watered him, fed him - some tuna, and then some milk.

Rang the council, then the cat protection society. No help from anyone. Well it was 10pm.

we put him in the bathroom - but he was too distressed and kept scratching at the door - so I put him out side again. But with a small box at the front door for him to sleep in if required.

Which he did - after quite a bit of coaxing he came back in, and then was discovered to be a he.

I decided to chase up through the cat protection society- lock him away for the day in the bathroom.

Rang the society - found out if we surrender him there and no owner was found we couldn't get him back - which is now more and more what we'd love. So I rang the local vet, mad an appointment and took him along. He has a chip, is a pure bred tonkiese (thanks Kris)- and still very adorable. I had to leave him at the vet but if they can't find an owner....

WE have a CAT - Pushkin!!!! we wanted to call our cat filter to go with teabag the dog but by itself not so good - so Pushkin it is, and hopefully will be!!!!!

cute isn't he.....

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Emily said...

V cute indeed! I was alerted to the news by Kris - he looks a real character!