Thursday, June 19

gorgeous tubes - again avoid if at all squemish

That is what the doctor exclaimed to me as the disco fluid, costing $127, danced through my Fallopian tubes this afternoon.

Too cute - way too painful and all OK - yippee

I suffered the various ultrasounds - outside, inside and then with a tube way way up there with a small balloon inflated on the end and liquid pumped through, and the ultrasound thing up there too - ouch. Even haven taken painkiller before as advised. OUCH.

But worth it for the gorgeous tube comment, so worth it.

This was all after a great outing with my director to do some research, ahem, shoe investigation. The sale started a day early so we both walked away happy - me with my wedding shoes and her with her interview shoes, and a perfect pair of pink pumps for a 4 yr old!!!

The off to knitting - last night in the pub, and then to another shoe sale - where I was severely tempted but as the sock victim said no buying unless it is for the wedding, rent or a present for me from him, birthday coming up way too fast..........but wool for him does count as I bought a few more balls before the Tapestry Craft sale ends and so I don't fall short.

Oh I saw the long long line to the apple store opening and a friend dropped by the pub after being #40 in the queue today - he got a free t-shirt and a green apple for his patience for waiting since 5am this morning!!!!

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Miss N said...

Camper Sale??? Camper SALE!??

I'm obviously in the wrong state..

yay for you and wedding shoes!