Sunday, June 29

The real deal

SO the sock victim and I got up really early yesterday drove up the large hill that we call the Blue Mountains. Had a fantastic breakfast at the Post Office Cafe at Wentworth Falls. Then went to make our rings.
What fun - and so full on. We had a cup of tea cut some copper - a straight line, a curved line, zig zags and then a heart from the hole you can see above.
Then we had lunch then embarked upon our rings - much discussion, a few adjustments and quite a few hours later we left with two silver bands made for each other wrapped in tissue paper tucked away waiting for the big day to arrive. Sock victim made my ring and I made his - the jeweler thought this was a bit odd - but I thought this was more special.

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Emily said...

Seems logical to make the ring you'll give - not sure why jeweler thought 'twas weird?