Wednesday, June 18

slacker.......a moi?

Yes well there has been quite a bit going on at the moment. I am sure this has been the opening line before, and a familiar one for my nearest and dearest as I am not one to sit still for too long.

The long and the short of it is that we decided to have a party and get married at the party - and as my future sister-in-law is expecting there was a very small window when we could do it. A Shotgun wedding of sorts.

But the good news is that everything is falling into place. A dear friend has offered us her gorgeous house, a great wine contact and a fab caterer. She also has found us a Celebrant - her brother-in-law, whom we met last week and adored, he is perfect for us - down to earth, not at all a hippy, relaxed and had some great suggestions. Mum is making us a fruit cake - yum yum and marzipan and icing mmmmmmm can't wait. And we did a wedding list - quite weird actually picking things out - but heaps of fun. BTW if you are coming don't think that you have to get us anything or that if you want to it should come of the list. Peter's of Kensington wouldn't register Art or cats :( or wool for that matter.

As with any Wedding once you start it just seems to grow and grow - but we have both been quite careful that it doesn't grow into the thing we didn't want in the first place and why we were all planning to elope. The change of mind came about because of how happy everyone is for us and how we are so excited at sharing this moment with our nearest and dearest.

As it is at a friend's house this has meant that numbers are quite limited - so this has really meant we have had to be economical with our guest list - which is a good thing and somehow makes it much easier. Considering that we had really only one weekend as an option pretty much everyone whom we want there is going to be there. With some added bonuses - my dear friend from Italy is actually going to be in Australia - I went over for her wedding, over 15 years ago can you believe.

My dress - as you can see from the side bar - is nearly done - with one more push on the weekend and quite a bit of sewing up it will be there.


So wedding - on way tick (where's the box for my tick?)

Then there is work......and all sorts of things going on - along with filming. But fortunately there is a bit of a quiet bit for a few weeks where we can catch our breath and clean up a bit. And finally get over colds and bits - my poor assistant/ colleague is suffering badly at the moment.


My hand is completely better! It got a bit better a few weeks ago and then got bad again - and then over the last 5 days the lump has shrunk to the point yesterday I realised it was gone!!!!! Yippee


I am working on another small theatre job. That has been a bit stressful for all the wrong reasons - we all got a bit caught up in the process and too many emails and not enough real conversations. So I nearly left the project this morning - well actually I did but then now I am back on - and through this process we are definitely moving forward and making it happen. Full on stuff.

Went to the craft fair on the weekend and World Wide Knit In Public Day.

Still running and considering a few runs in the next few months - although not the city to surf and that is the day after the party and I intend to be RECOVERING......

What else - oh yes- I am also knitting the sock victim a jumper - well a zip up the front sweater. To give to him on our wedding day. Seams fitting to me. I get the ring and he gets a jumper. With this jumper I thee wed - in felting and stretching.....Well that is the plan - can I pull that one off?

Speaking of rings- we are making ours - through my sister we have found this great jeweler in the Blue Mountains who runs a day workshop where you make your wedding rings - out of silver - I'll let you know how that goes - I am super excited about that.


now to keep this up more constantly.....

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