Tuesday, July 1


a sneak look at my swap item - the first time I have ever knitted with beads and IT IS FUN

Threading them on is not but knitting with them is.

And poor S.V. left his wallet on the train today - texted and rang me quite distressed and sad. But someone found it, rang him and they met up tonight and she returned it!!! With everything inside untouched. He is going to get her a voucher to say thanks what a sweetie they both are.

I mulled the loss of the wallet, and would he ever see it again, in the shower between the two phone calls. I would return it if I found it, I refer to the cute cat a few months back as case in point, most friends I know would as you would think of yourself in the same situation - and would want to return it. Only if you had an addiction or were hungry would you really take it and keep it. But it did end well - and he bought himself a shirt to celebrate.

I returned my shoes I got the other day as they were too small and not good enough and generally not quite right, and changed them for bronze ones - BUT I found some others which I have yet to purchase - now saving my pennies. S.V. came to browse and aid in the hunt last night and we found 3 contenders but one definite. He then found the website on in the Internet - as we had forgotten the brand by then, and we were away. See if you can guess which ones.......


Anju said...

That is awesome... I'm so glad there are such honest, lovely people in the world!!
Oh and I love the sock monkey! :)

Bex said...

Yep - return it.
I lost so many wallets when I was younger, I know how it feels ;)