Monday, September 22

I did it! I was one of 25,300 over the bridge

9km - it felt like 10

wow and I was cactus for the rest of the day.

Emily and I had a pre race meet at the Ruby and Lana s'n'b on Saturday. That would be the day that the sale went into full swing and 40% - not so good for my bank balance but great for my stash hoard that is underway at the moment. I am well and truly set for lace yarn now for well pretty much the rest of my life!!!! Not quite but a shallow tail shawl, a pi shawl and a another two or three lace shawls!!!!

I digress

Emily has been interval training, 5 minute runs and 3 minute walks. I have run two races this year and one course overlapped with the one yesterday - so I had good idea what I was in for. My normal running buddy was sick last week and I have been a bit slack with my runs - getting 1 7.2km in and a few sessions at the gym for the past 3 weeks. So we arranged a meet up and we had a running plan.

I arrived just after 7.30pm in the sardine can/ no train having changed at Redfern, each station there after became fuller and fuller. There was a guy asleep on the seat in front whom woke up surrounded by runners at Town Hall a bit dazed and confused.

I found Pauline and Emily at the bag drop - we went on a pee break - after the scorcher the day before I drank 2 litres of water before and then after the race. So pee break very high on the list. All of the locks were still on the toilets and the catches were broken - Emily had arrived with Clare at 5.30am for the start of the 1/2 marathon and the dude with the key got stuck in traffic - so after waiting for quite a while - and some huge busting lines of runners the locks were broken - to cheers apparently.

After our less exciting toilet break we headed over to the start - after getting me a damn fine blackmores visor - as I have been running really early in the mornings I haven't needed a hat at all so far - but at 7.30am yesterday it was way too bright to be running without one. Thanks Emily.

We started with a walk up the hill - having been warned by the Snook - we ran all the way over the bridge to just past the second pylon. Then we set into our walk run rhythm. This worked really well for me as I didn't crash out like I had done on the previous races. I was also more prepared for the excitement and adrenalin - and didn't get caught up in it either.

We crossed the line in 1hour and 12 minutes on the clock - but due to the staggered start by my ipod we did 1 hour and 5 minutes - I am not sure what the dip at the end is exactly maybe by that stage we were walking quite a bit slower. And on the offical time website I finished in 1.05.27 not too bad at all!!! I was 4,252 in the females.

We found Clare at the finish line, then Kris and the Snook at the bag drop. Clare guided us through the maze of timing chip drop off, badge collection and bag collection - not the best organised one but not too much of a hassle.

Then we all walked to Museum and I trained it home. Had a bath, banana and a cheese triangle.

S.V. and I then headed over to Kris' house for a kick arse BBQ.

Way too much fun - as there was wii and pimms. I crashed out by about 3 and had to come home for a nana nap.

In all of that running I finished 2 pairs of socks for the sock victim!!!!!!


Miss N said...

Fee - that's brilliant!!

LynS said...

Well done Fee - Super-runner!

M-H said...

I am so impressed with you guys. I am in awe.

Emily said...

It was fun, wasn't it? I'm dead pleased with our time - not so far from an hour. Very Happy!!!!!!!!

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