Sunday, September 14

update or catching up - but mostly Bryon Honeymoon and travel tips

Apologies for the lack of blogging lately -

the move went really well and we are still unpacking - only one box in the kitchen to go - the kitchen aid - which I will be cracking out today to make a house warming wedding celebrating cake for the sock victim. He has requested tea cake of the lemon variety, mm we will see what that ends up being.

Last weekend all packing and work was suspended for honeymoon part 1. We jetted up to the Gold Coast and picked up our hire car , a horrid Toyota seca, which we smartly swapped for an Astra. The Seca had really poor vision and this huge consol in between the driver and passenger, and the luggage wouldn't fit in the boot. Love a husband who will go into bat after a long day at work and then a flight up north.

Settled into the black beast we headed south to South Golden Beach to the scene of the crime where we met.

This was actually our eloping trip and as it poured during the night and the next day I remarked how happy I was that we weren't getting married today. Our delightful matchmaker and hostess is working on a TV series up there and the rain caused a bit of damage to their set overnight, It really is not a fun thing at all lying in bed listening to rain and fretting about sets and filming, and then your worst fears being realised.

As another knitter is heading up this way soon I am including the map links in this blog....

We got up on Friday to more rain - jumped in the car and headed to Newrybar for breakfast at Harvest - I have raved about this before . Then the back way to Suffolk Park and Byron past our favorite road side store for more coffee and veggies. Into Bryon were as it was still raining we dashed into the cinema and saw Tropic Thunder, if you go check out Tom Cruise's hands - blah but a great bit of makeup. Then a organic donut from the shop after a great walk around the lighthouse.

As we walked around the light house S.V. told me about the flock of goats that for quite a few generations had live up there. The area was being eroded more by them being there so the relevant organisation that looks after the area decided to get rid of the goats. There was going to be a cull but after much protest they were relocated to another area. All but one were caught. As S.V. finished telling me this we just walked over a rise and I saw this....

The actual goat himself. What timing indeed.

Then a quick drive north to Brunswick Heads and Yami's for felafels and humus. And some quiet reading of the paper and knitting time.

Then we headed inland to Mullimbimby where I rediscovered the Silver Thread a great knitting and fabric shop - it is under new management and they have a great selection of wools - Zara, Jo Sharp and Te Awa. I got some reduced Patonyle and some Te Awa eco yarn for a soon to arrive new family member.

Then to Kiva for a spa, sauna and massage for me, and a spa, sauna then swim at the local pool for the S.V.. More spa, sauna and plunge pool for the two of us then we adjourned to the pub to wait for dinner time to roll around. Our hostess met us at the pub and we then walked around to Milk and Honey for dinner of yummy pizza.

Beautiful Byron Lighthouse walk view

Saturday started with croissants and paper on the balcony - I walked to the local shop to let Joc sleep in. Then a 2 hour walk on the beach. S.V. had a long afternoon nap and I knitted like a demon for a few hours, finished my noro socks and started on pair #9 for S.V.
Then we went into Bryon to the Rails for dinner, met up with an old work colleague of mine who is working with Joc up there for the moment. In Bruges was the movie of the evening and it is fantastic - quite violent but really good.

Sunday we got up and met another friend at the Bryon Markets and more but real and very fresh organic donuts from the source. We meandered around the markets for a few hours and then jumped into the car and drove up the highway to Mt Tambourine. Very touristy.
We had booked a night at The Escarpment and took our fake champagne down to the view just before sunset. Some how the new owners have mistaken the fake Champagne for the real stuff. We were not sure how to correct them.

Dinner was at the local - the St Barnard Pub with a real St Barnard - called Leo who is HUGE and very cute.

Monday we got up and went on a bush walk to the Witches Falls. Then we drove up to Brisbane for lunch at the Library then a meander around the Picasso at the fab new gallery. The old gallery has a Nolan retrospective and a great collection of Australian Art too. Very cultured indeed. We sadly flew out of the Gold Coast on Monday evening to come home to our new house. As I write this I realise we packed so much into a few days but we came back very rested and rejuvenated.

I finished socks #9 yesterday - making them week long socks the fasted knit yet for me. I am debating on the next knitting project although I am still working through my backlog of projects from before the wedding. It was so hot yesterday I pulled out my summer knitting ideas for quite a bit of musing - Lotus from interweave in Jo Sharp or should I buy the bamboo? Too many thoughts and decisions so I cast on another pair of socks for train knitting. I get about 5-10 rounds done in the trip to or from work. This also depends on how crowded the train is.

socks #9

Finally as promised ages ago here is the Truffle and a shot of my engagement and wedding ring thrown in for scale.

Bike of my dreams I am saving now, now we are a bit further out I am considering riding to work - S.V. dropped his bike off for a service yesterday and I road tested a few bikes the GOFA is my fav so far and I prefer grey one - the gears are encased and it has a light, as well as being a bit more expensive it is time to do my tax and start saving my pennies.

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