Monday, October 6

pj day

thankfully here in N.S.W. we are on holidays today

I haven't dressed today at all! It's a Pj day all day here in our little house.

We had a friend over for dinner last night and I crashed early to wake up late, must of needed that sleep. Our visitor had requested French toast and bacon for breakfast and that is what I cooked for her, which we all thoroughly enjoyed. Nothing like feeding up a starving artist, not quite but nearly as she is 6 weeks away from her final exhibition so I am insisting that at least one meal a week here is required.

Then there was cupboard swapping - I can;'t reach the rails in the cupboard I unpacked in so I swapped over Sock Victim and my clothes - and cleaned out a few bits and pieces. Packed away some winter bits too.

There was a criptic call from Kris re the colour of a and I had guessed all wrong for Halloween.

S.V. and I are both now sitting in the kitchen on the table computing and I am knitting a bit.

I just read Bell's description of her memory blanket and thought what a fantastic thing to have done.

Then we are listening to Scarlatti harpsichord music watching for rain and the washing drying.

still no plans to get dressed or leave the house

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Emily said...

Lovely, a PJ day!