Thursday, October 16

sick and startled

Well not really startled - I sort of sorted my stash this morning - basically took it out and moved it around and put it back again - here is the sock bit of it ready for this year's Southern Summer of Socks.

My flash of stash - 42 pairs of sock's worth!!!!!

I am overwhelmed at the amount of wool I have. What is it that makes me keep collecting - it is always available and I have a job and access to it - but I still buy the stuff like it is a scare commodity. What is with that. I get sucked in by all of the stash enhancing factors - oh that's pretty, I don't have that, I really need that, it's on sale, it's discontinued(tango is the prime example of that one), I've never seen that before - and on and on I could go.
I know I have a modest stash - only 5 large plastic containers worth - and another box of fleece to spin. And an also ever gr owning collection of books. But WHY?

Enough of my rant - I am still sick - stupid sore neck and headache went to the doctor got some pills - sort of helping. I go up and down.
I did fix the front grill - last week I put in a new handle with a key so we can lock it and have cross flow ventilation. I found a chisel under the house and fixed the bit that the strike plate attaches too - too small. Now I have a lockable front grill - hurrah!!!!!!!

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Melinda said...

I know what you mean - sometimes I am sickened by my stash too. Only one thing to do: cast on and start using some of that stash!

Hope you feel better soon.