Sunday, November 16

so much fun crammed into one weekend

my sock on holiday

Our official honeymoon was this weekend.

view from our window

We had two nights at Lillenfels in the Blue Mountains and went to Darleys for dinner - a two hat restaurant!!! A very generous present from the in laws - Thanks so much!!!!!!

We had the best waitress last night - and the best meal - I had salad of baby globe artichokes, blood orange, sheep’s milk fetta, cress, Ligurian olives, crustini, roasted almonds, then Flinders Island milk fed lamb, crème fraiche pastry, organic red lentils, spiced eggplant, yoghurt, Turkish mint, roasted vine ripened tomatoes - which was like the best sausage roll ever (as described by the Sock Victim) sitting on more meat and the lentils and melting eggplant, and for dessert I had the chef's signature dish of Pave of vanilla ice cream, mango sorbet, tropical fruits, Italian meringue. We had a muscato d'asti for starters and a Shaw Pinot Noir with the meal - amazing!!!!!!! Matt had the souffle and then the venison which was also amazing with a beetroot puree - and then some cheese and brandy but not just any cheese - it was described as clouds and eating clouds is what he did - I am not sure what it was.

What an amazing weekend - I even scored some holiday souvenir stash from the wool shop in Katoomba. I cleared her out of the remaining 6 balls of Jumbuk in various plys and colourways- which I was hoping to knit a aran cardie for me - but as there was so little I think it may be a few smaller projects for the various little ones in my life.

stash enhancement strewn on floor

S.V. also arranged a massage for the both of us which was bliss.

We also went to Scenic World, I kid you not!

Out the front was the cable car I had ridden in as a child. There was a weird argument in the cable car between quite a few grumpy peoples on the way over, someone was translating for a group and another person was having trouble hearing the guide and well they all got a bit rude. What does one do in those situations - both sides were a bit out of line but there is no need to yell at each other - the guide handled it really well. It seems that we encounter an argument each time we go up the mountain. Last time it was in a pastry shop and rude customers were yelling at the staff. Not at all pleasant. But the view was.....

All that aside we had a great weekend - the wool, the food, the setting but most bestest thing of all was being with my gorgeous husband awwwwww. He outranks wool any day especially as he said "we have to go to the wool shop"!!!!!!!

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