Friday, November 14

Things I learnt from sock knitting

After Bells commented on how I safety pin the stitch marker to my sock - and other knitting I though about all the little things I do to make knitting easier.

Perhaps you do these or not - or you might have a better way to do it.
This picture captures the sock in progress - I succumbed to Monkey in a great Koigu that has been sitting around for a while now yelling at me from the stash "knit me, KNIT ME", I took of the mufflers and braved the yarn.

The row counter is pinned to the beginning of the row and I move it up the sock with the knitting..

I love knitting on two circular and I used to knit 2 at once but at the moment it is one at a time - seems to go faster and it is more satisfying that way for me.

Post it note on the pattern chart - I have used magnetic boards, high lighters - for each row or different stitch patterns - but post it notes are great - they keep their stick and you can fold them and the pattern up in the sock bag.

Stitch markers - where would I be without these beauties - one from Tia (who makes the best ones I have come across so far) and the other came with a book on Raverly - I can't knit without stitch markers - keep my place and all.

I do all this as when I knit at work I will stop mid row to attend to what ever is going on - so I need to keep my place, to be able to pick up again and not loose too much time.

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Bells said...

you knit at work? How is that possible?